We are a non-profit group with the purpose of networking, collaborating and creating a business community within Charlton and the surrounding area.
About us

who are we, what do we do?

The Charlton Business Alliance was formed for small businesses in our area to come together as a community.
We share ideas, network amongst each other, and collaborate to create opportunities for all. We are dedicated to supporting all of our local businesses and we encourage the growth and success of our members through partnerships with our town government, local organizations and events. The CBA also takes pride in giving back to our community through grants, scholarships and volunteerism.

Working as an Alliance, we are stronger and our reach goes further.  


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Board Members

  • Matt Power- President

  • Cara Holland- Vice President

  • Cindy Saucier- Treasurer

  • McKenzie Bryant- Secretary

  • Thom Wilks- Member at Large

  • Josh Saper- Website Administrator

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membership & benefits

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Networking Opportunities - Gain access to a community of like-minded business owners and professionals. Our group has experienced entrepreneurs who can offer guidance, mentorship, and advice on starting and growing a business in Charlton.
Increased Visibility - Our marketing and promotional support are unique to Charlton and offer exclusive access.
Shared Resources - Benefit from shared resources such as physical assets, access to community spaces for events and educational programs for business owners and their employees.
Advocacy and Influence - The CBA can provide a unified voice for small businesses, advocating for policies and regulations that support the interests of our members. We work directly with town officials to offer this perspective as part of their future plans for Charlton.
Collaborative Marketing - Engage in joint marketing campaigns and events with other alliance members, significantly expanding your reach and brand awareness.
Enhanced Credibility - Membership in our alliance can enhance your business's credibility, instilling trust in potential clients and partners. The alliance's commitment to quality and community will be passed on to each of our members.
Community Engagement - Participate in community projects and initiatives in a collaborative way. Increase your business's local engagement and contribution with CBA representation.

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